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Texas mom killed in front of three children

Texas mom killed in front of three children

A jealous boyfriend allegedly gunned down his on-again, off-again girlfriend in front of her three children on Friday night, the woman’s grieving relatives and police said.

Jameka Williams, 38, was pressing her hair in her Missouri City bedroom and preparing to go out for the night when her boyfriend and father to two of her four kids allegedly shot her, Williams’ sister told ABC13.

Following the fatal shooting, Williams’ 14-year-old daughter called her aunt in hysterics.

“She stated, ‘My daddy just killed my momma,’”Jaterra Williams told the outlet.

“It hurts because the fact the kids had to experience a traumatic experience like that, and that’s the last memories they will see of their mother.”

The man fled in his car and has not been seen since.

Police have not publicly identified either the victim or suspect in the shooting, but said the man and woman got into a fight before he shot her.

Williams’ loved ones said she and her alleged killer dated on and off since high school but had recently broken up.

Jameka Williams was shot to death in her Missouri City bedroom, her family said.

“When he saw her flat ironing her hair, getting ready to hang with friends, he said, ‘You’re not going anywhere. Today is the day,’ and that’s when he got the gun and pulled it out on her,” Jaterra said.

Three of Williams’ daughters — ages 14, 12 and 7 — watched the man allegedly point the trigger at Williams’ face and fire.

The only child who was spared from witnessing the crime was Williams’ 18-year-old son.

“My mom always talked about me graduating now that I am finally a senior,” Jayden Williams told ABC13.

Williams’ three daughters witnessed the gruesome crime.

“It’s supposed to be me and her year. She always talked about my prom, coming to my games and watching me walk that stage as a senior. I’m not just a senior but a senior with honors.”

On Monday, the Houston Police Department said no one was in custody, prompting Williams’ loved ones to fear for their safety.

Williams and her alleged killer were in an on-and-off-again relationship that had recently ended.

Loved ones have kickstarted the hashtag #JusticeforJameka to spread the word of her ruthless murder and to hunt down the man they believe is responsible.

“Can’t even come forward and turn yourself in. You did this s–t in front of YOUR OWN KIDS” Williams’ cousin Elisia Williams said on Facebook.

“Rest in peace to Jameka Williams what happened to u shouldn’t have ever happened I’m praying for your family and I’m hoping justice is served in your name!” another friend wrote.