That cheap Chromebook may be too good to be true – CNET


    That inexpensive Chromebook might be too excellent to be true – CNET


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    < img src="" class alt=" screenshot-2021-04-13-12-45-58-pm. png" height=" 615" width= “1092” > Learn your Chromebook’s AUE date. Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET With the holiday shopping season starting and Black Friday just around the corner, you’re most likely to see some lots on Chromebooks. However before you catch that deep doorbuster discount, there’s an essential date you need to check first: a Chromebook’s expiration date, aka its Car Update Expiration date.

    Because Google can only ensure Chrome OS and web browser function assistance on non-Google hardware for so long, every device currently has a date on which it stops receiving updates– its AUE date. If you’re interested in a particular model with an unbelievable low price, it’s finest to learn the AUE date prior to you purchase. (It’s likewise an excellent concept to do this if you’re purchasing a used Chromebook or handing down a carefully used one to a good friend or relative.) Fortunately is, Google makes it extremely simple to find out the date for any Chromebook.

    For more on Chromebooks, here’s how they vary from laptops, why a lot of people need to get a Chromebook, and the finest Chromebook offers for trainees.

    How to check an AUE before you buy


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    ” shortcodeImage” >< img src="" data-original=" "class=" lazy "alt= " screen-shot-2021-04-13-at-3-34-44-pm. png" height=" 648" width= "1092 "> In 2015’s Lenovo Chromebook Duet has an AUE date of June 2028. Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET Getting the AUE date for any Chromebook is as easy as finding its name on a list. Google maintains a full list of AUE dates for all designs. Simply head to the list, find the make of your Chromebook or the one you’re looking to purchase or pass along. Click on the make and the design list will drop down with its AUE date. According to the policy page, Google will release a design’s AUE date after its release, so you

    need to always have the ability to discover a particular Chromebook before purchasing decision.Read more: Finest Chromebook for 2021: Acer, HP, Asus, Lenovo and more compared

    How to inspect your AUE on your Chromebook


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    < img src="" data-original ="" class =" lazy "alt=" screenshot-2021-04-13-12-48-20-pm. png "height=" 615 "width=" 1092" >< img src= "" class alt= "screenshot-2021-04-13-12-48-20-pm. png" height=" 615" width=" 1092 "> The About Chrome OS page takes you to your AUE. Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET Currently own a Chromebook and would like to know the length of time you have for updates? You can examine for your model on Google’s list that I noted above or you can find it right on your Chromebook. There are a number of ways to get to the info, but essentially you simply need to dive into the settings menu to discover it. Open up your Chromebook’s settings menu by clicking the time in the lower right of your screen and after that clicking the Settings cog icon. At the bottom of the left navigation panel (you may need to click the 3 bars on top left to open the panel), you’ll see About Chrome OS. Click that, and then on “Additional details.” That’s where you’ll discover your AUE date.

    Nevertheless, now that you understand it remains in the About Chrome OS location, you can also just browse your Chromebook for it and go straight there. Press the Search essential, assuming you have not changed it to operate as a Caps Lock secret, and search for “About Chrome OS.” You can likewise two-finger swipe up from the bottom of your screen to raise a search bar, or there’s a search icon at the top right of the settings menu you can utilize. As I said, there are several methods to get to the details.

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