The 12 Best Advent Calendars to Buy as Luxe Gifts


    The 12 Best Advent Calendars to Buy as Luxe Gifts

    Price: £150 | Master of Malt | Amazon | Not on the High Street

    Flying Goose Sriracha x Sous Chef

    One for the foodie completist who needs 12 different flavours of Sriracha hot sauce in their life. Designed in collaboration with Flying Goose, the world’s favourite brand of Thai Sriracha chilli sauces, behind each door you’ll find one of their iconic 200ml bottles in a rainbow of flavours including Yellow Chilli, Wasabi, Tikka and Super Hot, all perfect for making leftovers a little more interesting. 

    Price: £40 | Sous Chef

    Not Another Bill Personalised Advent Calendar

    Containing toys, sweets, chocolates, games and some more sweets, this reusable fabric Advent calendar comes with your child’s name printed on it. It’s a welcome antidote to some of the over packaged toy options available, and gives you the chance to refill each year with stuff the kids might actually want. You can buy an empty calendar to fill your own for £50, and they also do a grown-up version stuffed with premium miniatures including Sipsmith, Patron, Campari and Kraken Rum for £160.

    Price: £100 | Not Another Bill

    Advent for Change Premium Advent Calendar

    An altogether more wholesome choice of Advent calendar that’s also eco friendly, plastic free and heartwarmingly charitable. Behind each cardboard door you’ll find details of a charity you’ve supported through buying the calendar. These range from providing food and medicines, protecting oceans and endangered species, with each day representing a £1 donation. Charities include Children in Need, Alzheimers UK, Groundswell and the PDSA. Advent for Change is a non-profit organisation, with over 85% of the proceeds going directly to charity.

    Price: £33 | Advent For Change | John Lewis 

    Playmobil Back to the Future Part III Advent Calendar 

    Look, just because Doc Brown gets all soppy, doesn’t stop it being a great (ok, fun) movie, and what better way to indoctrinate the kids than with 24 classic BTTF themed characters and accessories. Behind the doors you’ll find Marty McFly and Dr Emmett Brown in both 1955 and 1885 outfits, there’s Copernicus the dog, and Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen. They’ve even included Doc’s gravestone and Whitewall tyres for the DeLorean.

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