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The 8 Best Cotton Percale Sheets


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Not to brag, but things have been getting pretty ~steamy~ in my queen size bed lately. And by steamy, I mean I have been waking up in a puddle of my own sweat with the collar of my fav oversized sleep tee *drenched* in perspiration. Despite the cozy sweater that I just ordered in anticipation of fall and the return of the Starbucks PSL, it is still very much summer over here. Mainly, it’s still very much too HOT for this sweaty sleeper to handle.

So I traded in my worn, frumpy bedding for a set of airy cotton percale sheets in hopes of combating my sweaty slumbers. And OMFG you guys, percale sheets actually helped me stay cooler throughout the night. Basically, percale is a type of fabric weave, and when paired with a natural fiber like cotton, the result is a crisp, lightweight sheet that feels like one of those fancy button-down dress shirts that costs some serious $$. And unlike that clingy ex of yours, percale gives you room to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, making it perfect for all my friends out there who struggle even with the AC on full blast.

To help you get the beauty sleep you deserve (sans sweat, ofc), I rounded up the best cotton percale sheets and answered some common q’s below so you can find your dreamiest set. Now, keep on scrolling for alllll the super crisp and cooling percale sheets you will want on your bed right this very moment.

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Best Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set


Percale Luxe – Sheet Set

Best Printed Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

Printed Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Best Cozy Cotton Percale Sheet Set


Waffle Duvet & Percale Sheet Set

Best Luxury Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Jonathan Adler

Paradise Percale Sheet Set

Best Basic Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Eider & Ivory

White Casserly 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set

Best Complete Set

Parachute Home

Percale Starter Bedroom Bundle

Best Bargain Sheet Set


100% Cotton Bed Sheets

Best Overall Cooling Sheet Set


Classic Core Sheet Set

So, what’s the difference between cotton percale and sateen?

Even though they’re both made from cotton, percale (a light one-over-one-under weave) and sateen (usually a three-over-one-under weave) sheets have a few major differences you should know about before treating yourself to new sheets. Sateen weave cotton sheets have a luster to the finish and feel silky against the skin. Although they look and feel great, sateen cotton sheets are typically a bit heavier, which makes them *not* exactly the best option for hot sleepers. On the other hand, percale cotton is known for its airy breathability and matte finish. Crisp and cool to the touch, percale is def the frontrunner bedding for those looking to avoid night sweats.

How to choose the best cotton percale sheets

Go with long staple cotton.

Despite what mom might have said, thread count isn’t always the best indicator of quality. Look for sheets made from long staple cotton—it’s super durable and won’t get those annoying little pills that are a mega pain in the ass to remove. Plus, higher quality, long staple cotton only gets softer over time.

Shop for sheets that are OEKO-TEX certified.

(All the bbs on this list are!) This is essentially a big thumbs up and lets you know that the materials used have been tested and are free of any potentially harmful substances like chemicals that shouldn’t be on your sheets or skin. It’s always good to know what you’re sleeping with (which is exactly why you should fully investigate any rando from Bumble and your bedding before buying).

Keep your budget in mind.

There are a lot of great percale cotton options that won’t break the bank.  You can splurge on a full set that includes a duvet, or you can snag a quality cotton percale set for $50 or less. The fabric really is a win/win!

Remember that 100% cotton wrinkles 100% of the time.

Always, always take them out of the dryer ASAP and get these sheets on your bed rather than allowing them to sit in a pile for hours (days?) on end. That ~fresh sheet feeling~ will be unmatched. Happy snoozin’!

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