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The Amazon Qinsen Tennis Dress Is Chic, Versatile, and a TikTok Star – WWD

The Amazon Qinsen Tennis Dress Is Chic, Versatile, and a TikTok Star – WWD

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There is something undeniably stylish about a simple mini dress for summer. The effortless one–and–done piece has sartorial star power, and if you find the right one, you can wear it for years to come. One dress TikTokers have pinpointed this season is Amazon’s Qinsen Square Neck Bodice dress.

On TikTok alone, searches for the Qinsen dress have over 5.7 million views (2 million views more than when we checked a month ago), with hundreds of thousands of people uploading similar videos of themselves, noting how cute it is. Even off TikTok, this dress has been making waves with a 100% spike in recent Google searches for “Amazon tennis dress qinsen.” Thus, it’s no surprise that this piece has become the number one newly released dress in Amazon’s “Women’s Club & Night Out Dresses” category. 


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With all this buzz, we felt it was our responsibility to get our hands on the dress to test and review it and see if it lives up to its viral status. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the famous frock.

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Qinsen Square Neck Bodice Dress

  • Price: $32.99
  • Colorways: Black, beige, carob brown, cinnamon, desert taupe, ocean wave, roseo, pale mauve
  • Size range: S to XL
  • Materials: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
  • Available to shop: Find it on amazon.com
  • Pros:
    • Thick and soft fabric
    • Straps rest comfortably
    • Comes in multiple colorways
    • Breathable lining
    • Flatters the chest
  • Cons:
    • Not supportive for those with large busts
    • No built-in shorts
  • Best for: Grabbing lunch with friends or taking a leisurely stroll
  • Verdict: If you’re not planning to do a whole lot of activity but still want the sporty yet feminine look of an exercise dress, throw on this Qinsen mini dress.

Qinsen Square Neck Bodice Dress $32.99 Buy Now

About the Qinsen Square Neck Dress

The Qinsen Dress is Amazon’s hottest frock, thanks to its versatility and flattering fit. For starters, the dress features thick straps, a flattering design for those with broad shoulders, a high back for extra support, and a square neck that adds a nice modern update. It’ comes’s available in sizes small to extra large, and timeless colorways like black — which has been purchased over 1,400 in the past month — a crisp white and a cinnamon colorway. 

Despite this new dress being absurdly stylish, it’s, more importantly, functional for getting some steps in. The Qinsen dress is made of a nylon-spandex blend that’s thick and super soft. It has just enough compression to give you those smooth curves and make your bust look perky. The dress also has a breathable perforated lining — my favorite feature — that keeps you cool and doesn’t cling to the body uncomfortably. Also, it provides a double lining, making the dress not see-through. 

Put that all together with the current penchant for effortless dressing and nailing the “Tenniscore” aesthetic, and it’s clear why the Qinsen dress is so desirable. This versatile dress is a quick and easy option to throw on when you don’t want to worry about matching your sports bra to your tennis skort.

How to Care for the Qinsen Square Neck Dress

Despite the Qinsen dress being priced at just $32.99, it’s still important to take proper care of it. According to Amazon.com, if you want to extend the product’s life, hand washing is the best way to do so.

Before completely washing your dress, you can pretreat stains with a spot-cleaning solution, such as a solid laundry soap bar. Then, fill a sink or bowl with warm water and pour in a small amount of liquid laundry soap. Submerge your dress in the soapy water and leave the dress in there for up to 30 minutes. After that, drain the dirty water and replace it with clean, warm water so that you can rinse the dress. Finally, dry it flat on a towel or a hanger.

Is the Qinsen Square Neck Dress Worth It?

Say yes to this dress! You know something’s good when you consider purchasing it in another color — or in the same color for when you could use an extra one for the week before laundry day. That was the situation I found myself in with the Qinsen Dress. After wearing my black dress for the first time, I immediately logged into my Amazon account to see what other colorways I wanted to get my hands on. Since I typically opt for black and neutrals, I had a hard time choosing between the cinnamon, carob brown, and desert taupe, but ultimately, I went with the rich carob hue.

The versatility of this dress makes summer dressing easier than ever. While it has the look and feel of an exercise dress, I treat it as an everyday summer dress and throw it on for weekend brunches, picnics, street festivals, and even for daytime bar hopping. However, since I have a large chest, the construction doesn’t provide adequate support for more intense activities. However, I was happy to note that when I did add a sports bra or T-shirt bra underneath, the dress still felt roomy and comfortable.

When it comes to styling, anything goes. Going for a cool girl vibe? Throw a pair of cute sunnies and kitten heels on with a sweater over your shoulders. If a sporty chic look is more your thing, pair the dress with a ’90s-inspired pullover for a vintage varsity look, calf-length socks, and white sneakers.

Trust me when I say once you grab the Qinsen Dress, you may never want to wear leggings or bike shorts for leisure activities again.

How We Tested the Qinsen Square Dress

To test the Qinsen Square Neck Dress, WWD editor Nikki Chwatt wore the dress for various outings over the course of three weeks. She wore it to take a walk with friends, indoor tennis (which she wouldn’t recommend it for), and the supermarket. Chwatt assessed the feel of the dress, both with and without a sports bra and regular bra, noting any rubbing or discomfort (none to report). Chwatt also tested the dress in various weather conditions, including chilly days and warm, sunny days. Lastly, this editor tested the dress’s versatility by styling it with several outfit options in different colorways. All around, the Qinsen Dress performed well, which makes it easy to understand why it’s still going viral on TikTok.

Qinsen Square Neck Bodice Dress

Qinsen Square Neck Bodice Dress $32.99 Buy Now

Meet the Author

Nikki Chwatt is the Style Commerce Editor for WWD and Footwear News, where she both writes and edits stories on the latest clothing, accessory, and shoe trends for women and men. Chwatt’s writing has appeared in publications, such as Editorialist. She is currently based in New York City. In her spare time, she enjoys scrolling through her favorite retailers and social platforms to stay up to date on the latest, greatest, and classics of what people wear, buy, and love, like the best one-and-done dresses. Chwatt tested the Qinsen Square Neck Bodice Dress over a three-week period, giving her 100+ pairs of workout leggings and bike shorts in her closet a much-needed break. Learn more about us here.