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The Brooklyn Nets Have Launched a Fashion Brand Called Berō – WWD

The Brooklyn Nets Have Launched a Fashion Brand Called Berō – WWD

The Brooklyn Nets are expanding their reach with a new fashion initiative.

The NBA team is debuting its first private label merchandise brand on Wednesday, called Berō. Pronounced “borough,” the brand is launching its first collection with items like cardigans, soccer jerseys, polo shirts, T-shirts, jackets and accessories that are exclusively available on the team’s e-commerce site and inside Barclays Center.

“Retail and merchandising are one of our primary levers that we use for fan development,” said Amanda Pong, the senior director of merchandising for the Nets. “It’s the key focus for us, a priority of ours, as we build brand equity and brand affinity within our sports properties. There’s always been a hotbed of creativity in Brooklyn, so we see the clear relationship between fashion and sports. We wanted to take advantage and we see the Brooklyn Nets brand as having the ability to marry sports and culture in a way that no other team can.” 

Pong explained that the debut collection doesn’t directly utilize the team’s IP, as the brand is aiming to attract a larger audience and not just Brooklyn Nets fans specifically. The team’s link to the collection is apparent through design motifs like images of basketball hoops and basketballs as well as “Brooklyn” emblazoned across many styles. The collection ranges in price from $69.99 to $249.99. 

Styles from Berō’s debut collection.

Courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets

“It embodies the spirit of basketball more than anything,” Pong said. “It’s sportswear. I think a lot of people are calling sportswear streetwear these days, but if you look at the history of sportswear, it was America’s number-one contribution to fashion and it was designed for spectating sports. That’s exactly what we’re hoping our fans engaged with our product do — to spectate, to watch the Nets, the [WNBA’s] Liberty and basketball in general in our arena.”

Pong said the brand aims to be a vehicle for collaborations with Brooklyn-based brands and designers. Future plans also include adding more collection drops each season and creating merchandise for the Liberty WNBA team. 

The Nets’ foray into fashion is the latest initiative to come from the NBA this year. In February, the Utah Jazz debuted its own private label apparel brand, called CounterPoint, which is helmed by creative director Calyann Barnett. In November 2022, the New York Knicks also furthered their presence in the fashion world be appointing Kith founder and chief executive officer Ronnie Fieg as creative director.