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The Valley Recap: Cast Shares Way Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

The Valley Recap: Cast Shares Way Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

The Valley Cast Shares Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

The Valley Cast
Felix Kunze/Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

The Valley viewers got way more than they bargained for when the cast opened up about their sex lives on screen.

During the Tuesday, May 28, episode of the Bravo show, Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Jesse Lally, Michelle Lally, Janet Caperna, Jason Caperna, Jasmine Goode, Nia Booko and Danny Booko enjoyed a group trip that allowed for some interesting conversation.

The highlight of the getaway was getting to see everyone dress up as their significant others’ fantasy person. While Jax dressed up as an NBA player, Brittany was a “puck bunny” for him. Jesse, meanwhile, got tattooed up to look like Harry Styles for Michelle, who was the “one night stand” version of herself.

Not everyone transformed into actual people though; Danny dressed up as Jamie from Outlander and Nia, for her part, was intent on being a bottle of ranch. Jason and Janet also got into the food theme with her being vanilla and him going to the cast dinner as a corndog.

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The gathering wasn’t all fun and games. Throughout the trip, Jax and Brittany’s marital issues kept coming up, which viewers now know were leading up to their subsequent separation. Michelle and Jesse also talked about their relationship problems and that came months before she filed for divorce from him.

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of every The Valley couple’s TMI moment:

Jesse and Michelle

The Valley Cast Shares Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

Jesse Lally and Michelle Lally
Felix Kunze/Bravo

The penultimate episode continued to hint at Michelle’s plans to end her marriage. She specifically spoke to Brittany about how she didn’t feel attracted to Jesse anymore.

“Therapy is doing really good for Jesse. He’s really trying his best. Jesse is so extreme in everything that he does so now he is so all over me,” she noted. “It is actually putting me off. Like chill. … I was very in love with him. [So now] a small part of me feels like a failure.”

Michelle admitted she no longer felt “really attracted” to her then-husband, adding, “It is a process for me to understand I was very attracted to Jesse when we first met to now there is nothing he can do that I think is attractive. It’s not only physically but the things he does on a day to day basis. It just bugs me.”

As for Jesse, he still didn’t know what to make of Kristen Doute‘s claims about Michelle. (Kristen previously accused Michelle of texting other men and of having a secret boyfriend.)

“I don’t like to hear stuff like that. Because it makes me question you. And then it is like, ‘Why would someone randomly make that up?’” he asked Michelle. “The truth is you never let me touch your phone or go anywhere near it. If I walk by you and look at it, you close it right away. Then there’s a rumor that you are sending sexy or flirty photos to guys. But the truth is you start to compound all those things.”

Michelle stood by the fact that she “did not send” any sexy photos to other men. She also hinted that Kristen was the one who couldn’t be trusted to be faithful.

“Kristen is accusing me of being a cheater when she has cheated on her boyfriends,” Michelle said before the producer questioned whether she wanted to elaborate on whether Kristen cheated on her boyfriend, Luke Broderick. “I don’t know.”

The episode also offered a glimpse into the ups and downs in Jesse and Michelle’s sex life.

“This morning started off pretty well. We had sex this morning and laying there I started to think to myself, could there be any truth to what I am hearing from everybody? Because we had sex this morning and she acted like I wasn’t even there. She had her eyes closed,” he revealed. “I can’t put my finger on it but I can feel the energy is completely different.”

As the now-former couple left their room, Michelle pointed out that Jesse was wearing her shoes.

“Thank you for giving me your athlete’s foot,” she said before he joked in return. “You can have my herpes too.”

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Brittany and Jax

The Valley Cast Shares Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor
Felix Kunze/Bravo

In the aftermath of Jax accidentally acknowledging his ongoing issues with Brittany, the pair kept getting asked about where they stand.

“I crave more physical attention from Jax. We don’t have sex ever,” Brittany told Janet before later hinting that divorce was on her mind. “Saying the word divorce to Janet is definitely the first time I have ever said it out loud. I hate to say it because it is scary and I never thought I would feel like that.”

Brittany continued: “I have asked Jax to do the smallest things to help our major like therapy or be nice to me. And he still isn’t doing it. So I don’t feel like we will be together forever.”

Meanwhile, Jax was under a different impression.

“Brittany and I are stuck with each other forever. We love each other more than anything and we are each other’s best friends,” Jax told Jesse after he expressed concern that it was “a little worse” for Brittany than for him. “I know Jesse means well but I am almost like, ‘What? You are worried about my relationship? Worry about yours.’ I don’t really want to talk about my marriage with someone who has a marriage way worse than mine.”

The episode ended with Jax being asked whether he would let Brittany leave him.

“No. She’s not going to leave. My wife would never leave. Ever,” he noted while the trailer showed Brittany threatening to leave him.

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Janet and Jason

The Valley Cast Shares Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

Jason Caperna and Janet Caperna
Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

According to Jason, his sex life with Janet is very vanilla.

“Janet loves corndogs and she loves hotdogs. During her pregnancy her big thing is food and eating,” he told the cameras about his outfit choice for the hall pass party. “I like standard sex. Three positions. If you know any more than that it is like, ‘Who are you showing off for?’”

Danny and Nia

The Valley Cast Shares Too Much Info About Their Sex Lives

Nia Booko and Danny Booko
Felix Kunze/Bravo

While getting ready, Danny joked that he was annoyed Nia couldn’t dress up as a bottle of ranch, adding, “My fantasy is my wife.”

Nia, meanwhile, was happy to see Danny in character as her favorite fictional crush.

“I have watched Outlander three times all the way through,” she explained. “I was so excited about my costume but it didn’t show up. I was going to be a giant bottle of ranch.”