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These New Supplements Treat PMS and PCOS Symptoms  – WWD

These New Supplements Treat PMS and PCOS Symptoms  – WWD

Holistic cycle care brand Rael is entering a new category: supplements. 

The lineup, which launches direct-to-consumer on Monday, includes Hormone Balance, $25, an inositol powder to treat hormonal imbalances and symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS; PMS Cramp & Bloat Relief, $15, an adaptogen and mineral-based capsule that debloats and manages pain, and Vaginal Health Probiotic, $25, a five strain probiotic capsule to support a healthy microbiome. 

Initially, the brand launched with a focus on feminine care with products like Tampons Made With Organic Cotton, $9, and High-Waist Reusable Period Underwear, $30. As the brand evolved to focus on women’s wellness and cycle care overall, skin care, including the Invisible Spot Cover, $13, was added to the lineup. Supplements are the next iteration of Rael’s cycle care mission. 

“What we really focused on was understanding the problems women deal with throughout their hormonal cycle,” said Yanghee Paik, cofounder and chief executive officer of Rael, adding that they are focused on all four weeks of the cycle rather than just menstruation. “After skin care, what we discovered was women are taking these painkillers all the time to treat their PMS and they don’t have great solutions to manage their period irregularities and vaginal health.”

Over the course of two years, Paik and her team brainstormed and researched what supplements would actually be beneficial for a user during their cycle. While Rael launched supplements in South Korea a year ago, the team started from scratch for this set to ensure the lineup featured recognizable ingredients suited for American consumers. First came the Hormone Balance, which contains inositol, an ingredient Paik first learned about from a doctor in South Korea and is now having a moment on TikTok for its PCOS-relieving properties. 

“[It] can actually help with period irregularities and hormonal imbalance,” Paik said. 

Board certified OB-GYN Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins added: “Formulated to tackle various PMS symptoms and promote optimal hormonal balance, this supplement contains a clinically proven 40:1 ratio of inositol, essential for maintaining hormone equilibrium. Additionally, this supplement supports mood, reduces stress, promotes menstrual regularity and addresses the multifaceted challenges of PCOS, offering a holistic solution.”

With all of the products, but especially Hormone Balance as it features inositol, a newer ingredient for many, the team will be doubling down on education across social media and its direct-to-consumer site. Furthermore, key benefits and ingredients are called out on the front of the packaging.

Rael supplements.


For Paik, PMS Cramp & Bloat, which features key ingredients like ginger, turmeric and magnesium, was a no-brainer, especially following the popularity of the brand’s soothing Heating Patch, $18. 

“[It] is something that’s just at the heart of what we do,” she said, adding that customers are increasingly seeking non-painkiller solutions. 

Lastly, the Vaginal Health Probiotic is a direct response to the ever-growing gut and microbiome health category. Paik believes it to be “the biggest market” of the three solutions.

“We’re starting with only three stock keeping units so it’s [a] small, very focused assortment but we think that these are essential products for women’s health where there are gaps in the market,” Paik added. “The launch of the supplements [will] strengthen our positioning as a wellness brand.”

In 2024, the brand will be unveiling several new retail partnerships and will launch additional skin care products geared toward hormonal acne, according to Paik. The brand is pitching the supplements to retailers, as well.

In 2022, following a $35 million Series B, WWD reported that industry sources estimated the brand would reach $100 million in revenues, though it declined to comment about sales for this launch.