This Members-Only Luxury Brand Seen All Over Insta Is Now Open to Everyone


    This Members-Only Luxury Brand Seen All Over Insta Is Now Open to Everyone

    Online shoppers whose last names don’t rhyme with Mezos or Blusk (so, most of us) likely understand the reality of having to choose between shopping for quality and settling on something affordable. Because frankly, spending thousands on a bag just because it’ll last upwards of 50 years isn’t always a feasible option. Luckily, there’s hope for us yet. Enter Italic, a luxury commerce platform that might actually check all of our shopping boxes.

    In case you haven’t seen Italic all over your Insta feed yet, they basically work to get rid of absurd retail markups. The company partners with the exact same manufacturers used by high-end brands—but keeps their prices on luxury must-haves a whole lot lower than designers do. Case in point: The brand offers chic leather cardholders which retail for only $35, despite being made in the same factories as Prada and Miu Miu bags. Essentially, you’re paying for a product—and not the label. Cool concept, right?

    When it was first created by Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Jeremy Cai, though, Italic was a members-only platform. (Think: Costco, but applied to luxury fashion.) But as of now, Italic has decided to open their site for everyone to try out.

    Of course, if your closet is already decked out in enough luxury fashion (lucky!), Italic also carries fine jewelry, kitchenware, and bedding—a whole roster of luxurious picks. So folks who are trying to avoid fast fashion brands for their everyday basics can hit up Italic instead, and get similar prices for designer quality. And who knows? Online shoppers may start to end their love affair with brand names and opt for brandless luxury instead.

    One thing to make note of before you test out the site yourself: The commerce platform isn’t doing away with memberships entirely just yet. Instead, Italic is now offering an optional Bold Membership, which costs $60 for one year. Per a press release from the brand, exclusive perks include a $120 shopping credit (so, you get $30 every two weeks), access to special sales and events, double referral bonuses, and getting to shop new products early.


    Italic’s product roster now includes faux fur throw blankets, PJ sets, duvets, sheets and more. Fun fact: The brand’s bedding linens are made by the same manufacturers who make bedding for Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton properties.

    Ellis Au/Italic

    If you’re in the market for a fresh crop of elevated basics, a fluffy set of towels, a bougie soy candle, or anything else, we have more good news to share with you. (You’re welcome!) For a limited-time, Cosmo readers can take $30 off any Italic purchase over $100 with promo code COSMO30. Fellow lovers of fine things, rejoice!

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    Published at Thu, 21 Oct 2021 17:55:00 +0000

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