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TikTok Says Tall Uggs Will Be the Next It-Boots of 2024

TikTok Says Tall Uggs Will Be the Next It-Boots of 2024

After at least three years of staring at Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and your everyday LA cool-girl wearing the Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boot, I finally pulled the trigger.

On December 9, I found a fresh pair of chestnut beauties in my size and determined that yes, I can justify the $140 price tag because I will likely wear them every day to write articles like these in the coffee shop down the street from my own Los Angeles apartment. I started running through outfits in my head, concluding they’d go perfectly with my wide-leg jeans, cream Comfrt sweatsuit, and the basic black workout leggings and chunky sock combo I wear more than anything else in my closet.

Gigi Hadid in September 2022.

Pierre Suu

Keke Palmer in September 2022.

Ilya S. Savenok

Kendall Jenner in January 2023.


Plus, I had about $80 of credit at Artizia that I needed to spend…So what if the large platform soles were significantly heavier than I imagined and slip a bit in the back? I felt great about my new Emu Australia Platform Micro boots (Uggs are perpetually sold out and, according to my research, Emu may have them beat on quality). Based on cost-per-wear, they’re probably my best purchase of the year—and yes, I figured out how to walk in them.

So imagine my surprise when I scrolled through TikTok the other night and saw this:

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“Tall Uggs are the next cool-girl Ugg,” declared Casey Lewis on TikTok—and she wasn’t alone. Esther Povitsky, a comedian who built her TikTok platform as the “Jane Goodall of Hot Girls”—which sounds like a bit, but feels very accurate—said the same in an interview with Variety.

“Tall Uggs are a big thing that’s coming that people are not going to be ready for, for sure. Like, RIP Ultra-Mini Uggs,” Povitsky said. “We’re shifting back to tall Uggs. I think if you want to get a hot girl a gift this season, an Ugg-related gift, the Tall Boot is really where you want to go. Everyone’s already cycled through the Slip-Ons and Ultra-Minis.”

Oh. Suddenly, I couldn’t escape the tall Ugg predictions on my FYP—and was filled with internal rage that I hadn’t kept my Bailey Button Uggs from, like, 2006. “Gen Z has found out about the Tall Ugg,” said TikTok user @fairybonessucks said, pointing out that this may lead to the great skinny jean resurgence. I mean, they are the easiest pant to fit into those things.