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Top-10 Tea Consumers in the World 2024

Top-10 Tea Consumers in the World 2024

Tea, with its myriad flavors and cultural significance, remains one of the most beloved beverages globally. In 2024, as lifestyles evolve and preferences shift, the world witnesses varying degrees of tea consumption across different nations. Let’s delve into the top 10 tea-consuming countries in 2024, exploring their tea traditions, preferences, and the role tea plays in their daily lives.

Tea Consumption in the World

Tea consumption worldwide has been on a steady rise, with global figures indicating significant growth from 2012 to 2025. In 2022, approximately 6.7 billion kilograms of tea were consumed globally, a number projected to increase to 7.4 billion kilograms by 2025. This upward trend underscores tea’s enduring popularity as the second most consumed beverage globally, trailing only behind water. As preferences evolve and awareness of tea’s health benefits spreads, its consumption continues to expand across diverse cultures and regions.

Largest Tea Consumer in the World 2024

In 2024, Turkey stands as the foremost consumer of tea globally, with an impressive average consumption of 1,300 tea cups per person annually. Tea drinking is deeply entrenched in Turkish culture, with individuals typically enjoying 3 to 5 cups daily, a number that rises to 10 cups during the colder months. Black tea holds a special place in Turkish hearts, with the nation collectively consuming a staggering 3.16 billion kilograms (6.96 billion pounds) of tea per capita each year.

Top-10 Tea Consumers in the World 2024

Turkey with the annual tea consumption of 16.6 pounds, stands as the largest tea consumer in the world, followed by Morocco, Ireland, Mauritania and United Kingdom.

Here is the list of top-10 tea consumers in the world 2024:

Top-10 Tea Consumers in the World 2024
Rank Country Annual Tea Consumption (in pounds)
1. Turkey 16.6
2. Morocco 9.6
3. Ireland 7.1
4. Mauritania 7.1
5. United Kingdom 6
6. Seychelles 4.59
7. United Arab Emirates 4.17
8. Kuwait 3.55
9. Qatar 3.53
10. Kazakhstan 3.4

Largest Tea Consumer in the World – Turkey

Annual Tea Consumption: 16.6 pounds

Turkey, the world’s largest tea consumer, boasts an astonishing average annual consumption of 16.6 pounds per person. This surge in tea consumption, despite its recent introduction in the 20th century, can be attributed to economic factors. As coffee prices escalated, tea emerged as a more affordable alternative, rapidly gaining popularity. Turkish tea culture emphasizes aesthetics, with tea served in exquisite glass cups to showcase its rich color, further enhancing its appeal as the nation’s favored hot beverage.

Second Largest Country in terms of Tea Consumption – Morocco

Annual Tea Consumption: 9.6 pounds

Morocco, ranking as the second-largest tea consumer globally, exhibits a vibrant tea culture enriched with diverse preparation methods. Residents favor green and mint teas, with Maghrebi-style tea being particularly popular, infused with mint and tobacco leaves for a unique flavor. A distinctive tradition involves pouring tea from a height to create a frothy foam, adding to the allure of tea drinking. With such engaging practices, Moroccans consume an impressive 9.6 pounds of tea annually, highlighting the beverage’s integral role in their daily lives.

World’s Third Largest Tea Consumer – Ireland

Annual Tea Consumption: 7.1 pounds

Ireland, renowned as the Emerald Isle, resides amidst the chilly, misty expanse of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Its inhabitants find solace in a piping hot cup of tea to combat the gloomy winters. Despite sharing the same annual consumption rate as Mauritania at 7.1 pounds, black tea reigns as the beverage of choice. The Irish embrace tea-drinking as a remedy for any occasion, believing in its power to soothe fatigue or celebrate joy, making it the third-largest tea consumer globally.

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