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Top-10 Wool Producing States in India 2024

Top-10 Wool Producing States in India 2024

India, known for its diverse agricultural and textile contributions, also plays a significant role in the wool industry. Wool production is a vital aspect of the rural economy, particularly in regions with suitable climates and pastoral landscapes. As of 2024, several states have emerged as leaders in wool production, contributing significantly to India’s wool industry. Here’s a look at the top 10 wool-producing states in India.

Wool Production in India

India’s wool industry plays a crucial role in the country’s rural economy. Annually, India produces approximately 43-46 million kilograms of wool, contributing about 2% to the global wool production. Despite this significant output, the country’s wool consumption far exceeds its production, with around 260 million kilograms consumed in the 2019-20 period. As a result, India relies heavily on imports to meet its wool demands. The wool and woolen industry in India stands as the seventh-largest in the world, highlighting its importance within the global market as well as its vital contribution to the livelihoods of many in rural areas.

Largest Wool Producing State in India

Currently, Rajasthan is the largest wool-producing state in India. There are 70 wool processing units in the state, and with over 15 million tonnes of wool production ever year, Rajasthan represents over 30% of the wool production in India. The state has eight different breeds of sheep that are well-known for producing high-quality carpet wool. 85% of wool produced in the state is of carpet grade.

Top-10 Wool Producing States in India 2024

Rajasthan with the wool production of 14463.36 thousand kg, stands as the largest wool producing state in India, followed by Karnataka, Jammu & Kashmir and Telangana.

Here is the list of top-10 wool producing states in India 2024:

Top-10 Wool Producing States in India 2024
Rank Indian State Wool Production (in thousand kg)
1. Rajasthan 14463.36
2. Karnataka 8821.44
3. Jammu & Kashmir 8371.01
4. Telangana 4422.97
5. Gujarat 2577.41
6. Himachal Pradesh 1663.07
7. Uttar Pradesh 1493.71
8. Haryana 1428.69
9. Maharashtra 1385.78
10. Andhra Pradesh 778.23

Largest Wool Producer in India – Rajasthan

Wool Production: 14463.36 thousand kg

Rajasthan is the largest wool producer in India, with an impressive wool production of 14,463.36 thousand kilograms annually. The state’s significant contribution underscores its leading position in the country’s wool industry.

Second Largest Wool Producing State in India – Karnataka

Wool Production: 8821.44 thousand kg

Karnataka ranks as the second-largest wool-producing state in India, generating 8,821.44 thousand kilograms of wool each year. This substantial production highlights the state’s vital role in India’s wool industry.

India’s Third Largest State in terms of Wool Production – Jammu & Kashmir

Wool Production: 8371.01 thousand kg

Jammu & Kashmir is the third-largest wool-producing state in India, with an annual production of 8,371.01 thousand kilograms. The state’s contribution is crucial to the country’s overall wool production.

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