We Found 19 First-Rate Black Friday Deals Under £25


    We Found 19 First-Rate Black Friday Deals Under £25

    Another neat Christmas gift idea – and what a classic. For keeping hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours (and cold drinks cold) for sub-zero outdoor adventures this winter, this durable stainless steel Thermos flash is one you can rely on. 

    John Lewis, Argos, Google Store

    Now there are a few things we didn’t like about Google’s Diddy smart speaker, as we said in our review, namely the sound quality is somewhat limited— but at this price, and with its friendly design meaning you can pop it anywhere in the house without it spoiling the view, you can’t really go wrong. So while not ideal for music, radio and podcasts should be fine, and it’s a cheap and way to bring Google Assistant into your life.

    The simplest, cheapest way to make your home smarter. This is the best Alexa smart plug – it’s supremely easy to set up and integration with Amazon’s voice assistant is seamless. Our only issues? It’s Alexa only, natch. And at the regular £25 price, it’s a bit expensive. Not so at £15. 

    Come on, at this price point we’re allowed a couple of stretches, no? This wired Logitech headset gives you 50mm drivers and solid surround sound with a no-frills, lightweight form factor. Works with PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and the consoles.  


    Believe it or not, Bluetooth trackers are something of “a thing” right now. Not only has Tile been offering options for ages, now Apple has jumped in too with its fancy AirTags. Samsung, of course, has it’s own versions as well, and here they are: Galaxy SmartTags at a knockdown half price. Why should you get some? Just ask us again next time you can’t find your keys, your bag, your luggage, your wallet, your… you get the idea. [This one went down to £17 for Black Friday and the price has crept up a bit over the last few days.]

    Google Store

    If you’re willing to give the world of streaming games a try, then consider Stadia. What’s more, the bundle here includes the Google Chromecast Ultra video streamer and, of course, the Stadia Controller, which connects via Bluetooth. Plug in the Ultra to your TV’s HDMI port and not only will it instantly make your box a smart telly, you get 4K streaming gaming all ready to go. Keep in mind your TV needs to be 4K, of course, and you’ll also need a beefy broadband speed.

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