Home Celebrity Weekly Horoscope: November 5 to November 11, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: November 5 to November 11, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: November 5 to November 11, 2023

Your weekly horoscope is here. Venus, the planet of love scents this week with a lightness of spirit, sparking joy through beauty, dynamic duos, and balance in relationships. Make or enjoy art or high tea somewhere divine with your best devilish darlings. Keep the puns rolling in with your funniest quips or fascinating facts over long pours because the planet of comms is in raconteur mode. The search for meaning, the silver lining, and tall tales set on exotic shores feature so explore and share ideas. Expand your mind, and remember, you reserve the right to change your opinion as you learn.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of November 5 through November 11, 2023.


As the planet of adoration and beauty graces your sphere of one-to-one relationships, make the most of love halcyon days. Opposites attract, so allow the harmony makers in your life to set the pace and write the itinerary of togetherness. Perhaps someone in your life is avoiding provocation; take a leaf out of their book and use your time together to negotiate your way forward. The saying goes that all’s fair in love and war, but this influence is the perfect pivot to lead with love. Bury hatchets, put down any axe you’ve been grinding and throw rose petals instead. Or at least mediate your way to a fair deal or outcome. Contracts and agreements are favorable now, and if you’re not already hand in hand with someone special, a refined and charming one is swanning into your orbit. It’s up to you to notice!


Venus, your ruling planet, switches signs every three to four weeks like a new subtitle to your solar headline of ‘Taurus every day in every way.’ Think of it as the changing top notes of a perfume that color the strong earthy Taurus base notes. So, this month’s top notes are flowery, feminine, light, and airy. With Venus gracing your sphere of work and wellness, it’s essential to take a light and breezy approach to your relationships, cultivating them with connection and conversation. Yes, it’s time to wine and dine your work wife; bubbles may be more the thing. On that note, for health, balance your day and be sure it’s harmonious. Your environment must be beautiful light, and if it’s artistic and social, that’s even better. Since your charm excels in this area, why not pitch an idea, make new connections, or add a piece to your wardrobe?