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Will ‘Suits’ Return for Season 10? What the Series’ Creator Has Said

Will ‘Suits’ Return for Season 10? What the Series’ Creator Has Said

Is Suits Returning for Season 10 What the Show s Creator Crew and Cast Have Said 448

Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams.
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With Suits’ revitalized popularity on Netflix, fans are wondering if a season 10 could potentially happen — and series creator Aaron Korsh has an answer.

“Let me say right off that there is no #Suits reboot or anything in the works,” Korsch wrote via Twitter on Sunday, August 20, but added that the idea wasn’t impossible. “Strike would have to end, some network or streamer would have to reach out and then we would have to collectively want to. Which is no small thing …”

Korsh later clarified that if he was approached by a network to create a new season after the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes come to an end, he would “consider” the opportunity — but wouldn’t make it a creative “priority.”

Korsh’s comments come one month after Suits executive producer Gene Klein discussed the possibility of a revival following the series’ Netflix resurgence. (The legal drama dropped on the streaming service in June and has stayed on its top 10 TV series list since.)

“I’ve mentioned to Kaitlin Simpson Aaron that, in this era of reboots and reunions and all this other stuff that I’m expecting a call at some point,” Klein told TVLine in July. “But I’m not aware of any serious conversations. It’s just one of those things where, in this day and age, you wouldn’t be surprised if somebody called you someday.”

While Korsh and Klein aren’t opposed to reconvening for a new season of Suits, the bigger issue would be getting the entire cast on board with them. The show starred Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Meghan Markle, Rich Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres and other prominent actors who have since gone on to other successful ventures.

Meghan, 41, portrayed paralegal Rachel Zane for seven seasons. The Duchess of Sussex left the series in November 2017 and retired from acting after getting engaged to now-husband Prince Harry.

“I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change,” Meghan said in an interview with BBC at the time. “It’s a new chapter. And also keep in mind I’ve been working on my show for seven years. So, we were very fortunate to have that sort of longevity on a series. For me, once we hit the 100-episode marker, I thought, I have ticked this box and I feel really proud of the work I’ve done there and now it’s time to work as a team with you [Harry].”

While the couple stepped down as working members of the royal family in 2020, Meghan hasn’t shared any interest to return to the screen. She and Harry, 38, have worked together on a series of their own projects for Netflix including their 2022’s Harry & Meghan, and other upcoming projects including docuseries The Heart of Invictus and the film adaptation of the romance novel Meet Me at the Lake.