Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


    Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

    In the mood for sexy and sensual? Mercury enters intimate and sexy Scorpio on Friday and stays there until November 24, helping us understand what turns us off and on. Venus enters Capricorn until on Friday too, giving our romances an earthy and sensual texture for months. Then on Wednesday, Mercury and Mars form a conjunction in Scorpio, helping us ask for what we want and deserve!

    What that means for you:


    What does “sex” mean to you, Aries? On Friday, Mercury enters sexy Scorpio and wants you to investigate just that. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday too, which turns you on to partners who put in the work and effort. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, you’ll need to say exactly what you want in order to get it!


    Trust in the unknown, Taurus! On Friday, Mercury enters trust-seeking Scorpio and helps you confidently relate to uncertainty from a place of security. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday too, expanding your relationships by connecting you to partners very different from you. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, you’ll get closer to understanding what trust is!

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    Go deeper, Gemini! On Friday, Mercury enters Scorpio and helps you understand the most intimate dimensions of both yourself and others. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday too, reframing your relationship with intimacy as a skill that you can cultivate and experience. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, you’ll want to stay committed to a morning routine!


    Speak your heart, Cancer! Mercury enters courageous and vulnerable Scorpio on Friday and wants you to reveal your inner world to others. Venus enters your Capricorn-ruled opposites attract zone on Friday too, inspiring growth through contrast and contradiction. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, you’ll want to speak your truth compassionately!


    Emotional safety is a prerequisite for love, Leo! Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday and reminds you who you can talk about your feelings with romantically. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday too, connecting the effort into personal growth to the quality of your relationships. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, remember that emotions are data, not a call to action!


    Read between the lines, Virgo! Mercury enters subtext-loving Scorpio on Friday and helps you embrace fantasy, wonder, and curiosity. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday, giving you more courage to be vulnerable and share your feels. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, listen to the wisdom of your body for inspiration.


    Connect to your senses, Libra! Mercury enters your Scorpio-ruled embodiment zone so you can sensually relate to all of your senses while getting down and dirty. Venus enters your Capricorn-ruled emotionality zone and helps you find partners you feel at home with. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, connect your body, heart, and soul to your head, too.


    Happy birthday, Scorpio! Mercury enters your sign on Friday and your favorite topics like truth, sex, power, intimacy, and transformation will be lead by your wisdom. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday too, and you’ll be inspired by the power of communication for connection. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction wants you own your wantings and speak your desires!


    Fantasy is erotic, Sag! Mercury enters your Scorpio-ruled imagination zone on Friday and reminds you how to imagine, wonder, and dream for erotic experiences. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday and grounds you down for embodiment and pleasure. On Wednesday, the Mercury-Mars conjunction helps liberate you from a limiting circumstance!


    Learn with your friends, Cap! Mercury enters community-loving Scorpio on Friday, so you can be instructed and teach with your girls. Also on Friday, Venus enters your sign! It stays there for the next four months and can change the way you relate to relationships powerfully. Get ready to do the work and be rewarded! On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, reunite with your ride-or-dies.


    What’s the role of “desire” at work, Aquarius? Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday and wants you to follow your desires for clues, instruction, and professional inspo. Venus enters Capricorn on Friday and supports you releasing yourself from low-level relational patterns and people. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, your productivity will be off the charts!


    (Re)think again, Pisces! Mercury enters your Scorpio-ruled wisdom zone on Friday and changes the way you think, analyze, and make decisions for integrity. Venus enters your Capricorn-ruled friendship zone on Friday, blurring the lines between lover and friend. On Wednesday’s Mercury-Mars conjunction, apply the learnings to your life for better results!

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