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Zodiac Signs as “You” Netflix Characters—Which One Are You?

Zodiac Signs as “You” Netflix Characters—Which One Are You?

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Joe Goldberg is back and more clean-cut than ever! Now that the second half of season 4 has officially been released on Netflix, it’s time to talk about the You character that matches each zodiac sign. After all, the characters just keep getting more and more interesting.

Ever since we were introduced the shy, sensitive and mysterious bookstore clerk that we’ve all come to know and love, the world can’t seem to get enough of Joe Goldberg and his goth-romantic escapades. Each season of You has its own self-contained universe and cast of characters, placing Joe in various love stories and moralistic dilemmas that test his limits and trigger his defenses. And although we know Joe Goldberg is a murderer, we can’t help but care about him, as he displays more than enough redeeming qualities to be one of the greatest anti-heroes who ever lived.

However, let’s set aside the complicated Joe Goldberg for a moment and focus on the real stars of the show—his many love interests. Between Guinevere Beck, Love Quinn, Marienne Bellamy and his latest squeeze Kate Galvin, these women are the driving force behind the show. If these women were nothing but two-dimensional arm candy, I would have stopped watching a long time ago.

So, which character on You captures your zodiac sign? Read on to find out:

The You Netflix Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Ellie Alvarez/Jenna Ortega You Netflix


An Aries to her core, the young and precocious Ellie Alvarez steals each scene with her creative intensity and passion for directness. While everyone beats around the bush, Ellie knows exactly what she wants, which is so Aries of her. She also doesn’t suffer fools, making it harder for her to hide her disdain for all things fake and superficial about LA. While everyone else is social climbing for the sake of it, Ellie is working hard to make a real name for herself in the film industry. What Aries doesn’t want that?

Sherry You Netflix


Sherry could only be ruled by loyal and materialistic Venus, as this “Momfluencer” basically runs the town Madre Linda. She may be the stereotypical Taurus in that she prioritizes the stability of a luxurious life above all, knowing that positioning herself as a cornerstone of her wealthy and elitist social circle ensures that she comes out on top. Taurus are all about getting a reward on their investment! Plus, only a Taurus would turn their harrowing experience being held prisoner with their husband into a motivational TedTalk about relationship growth!

Lady Phoebe You Netflix


Lady Phoebe radiates the bubbly and fizzy energy of a Gemini from the moment we meet her. This rich and famous socialite thrives off of attention, but it comes from a place of vulnerability and sensitivity, as Lady Phoebe just wants everyone to be friends! She may have a short attention span—like most Geminis do—but her social intelligence cannot be denied. She knows exactly how to maneuver the cutthroat politics of London’s upper echelons and just what to say in order to get what she wants.

Forty Quinn You Netflix


Highly sensitive, creative and well-intentioned, Forty could only be a Cancer. He may be kind of helpless and a bit of a “mama’s boy”, but at the end of the day, he’s one of the most genuine characters on the show. His water sign intuition helped him uncover the mystery of Joe Goldberg and he was willing to put himself in harm’s way to rescue his sister, Love. This man is a Cancer who has been carrying an enormous level of guilt and heartbreak all his life, and when a Cancer feels hurt, their emotions often become unpredictable and difficult to control. And yet, he still holds onto hope and believes in the good—just like all Cancers do!

Peach Salinger You Netflix


Only a Leo would throw a party for themselves every year on the anniversary of their parent’s divorce! This extravagant fire sign takes being the center of attention *very* seriously and nobody knows how to make things all about them better than Peach. However, let’s not forget Peach was also the friend that saw right through Joe’s lies and tried several times to warn Beck before it was too late. If only Beck had just gone to Paris with Peach! Speaking of Paris, it’s also very Leo of Peach to be so over-the-top when it comes to generosity and gift-giving. They’re nothing if not flashy.

Marienne is easily one of the smartest and most intellectual characters on the show. From the moment we saw her furrowing her brow while working as a librarian in Madre Linda, her Virgo energy was clear as day. While surrounded by people who had everything handed to them, Marienne has to work hard in order to provide for her daughter and keep them both safe. The way she handles her business with finesse and follows her head over her heart when it comes to Joe makes her a Virgo through and through.

Candace Stone You Netflix


The only thing on Candace Stone’s mind? Justice. Libra is literally the zodiac sign that rules over justice, righting wrongs and balancing the scales. In Candace’s mind, Joe is a villain who has gotten away with his bad behavior for far too long. While others run away from him, Candace chooses to go after him. And the way she goes after him is very Libra of her, because she was able to slide in as Forty’s new girlfriend “Amy Adam” without making anybody bat an eye. Libra is also the zodiac sign that rules over love and relationships, which is why Candace was able to use that to her advantage.

Joe Goldberg You Netflix


Joe Goldberg has all the positive qualities of a Scorpio (and definitely all of the negatives). On one hand, he’s passionate, deeply intuitive, romantic and a highly complex thinker. He would also do literally anything for the people he loves—even kill! On the other, he’s obsessive, manipulative, secretive and thinks everyone is out to get him. The fact that he can be all of these things and still make us love him and care about him reinforces the fact that they’re a Scorpio. We love this zodiac sign for their drama, smoldering intensity and mysterious emotional undercurrents. We know this makes them complicated and difficult to digest at times. But would we have it any other way?

Guinevere Beck You Netflix


Guinevere Beck is a passionate writing student, a hopeless romantic and a bit of a party girl. I think we can all agree she’s a Sag to her core! This zodiac sign is known for being the “philosopher” and the academic, which is something Beck actually takes very seriously. But like any good Sagittarius student, she also lacks the ability to commit. And right when she gets what she wants, she finds herself no longer wanting it, which is a sad story that every Sagittarius can relate to. Her adventurous and free-spirited nature made her a difficult love interest for Joe, who couldn’t control her.

Kate Galvin You Netflix


Although Kate may feel embarrassed of her father’s exorbitant amount of wealth, she carries herself with the strength and no-nonsense poise of a woman who gets what she wants. You can tell she was tutored and mentored by her father, and the experience of fatherhood is heavy with Capricorn influence. Kate is both supported by her father’s social standing and weighed down by it, knowing the enormous responsibility that comes with being her father’s “favorite daughter”. What Capricorn doesn’t know they have to inherit an empire or else it all falls apart?

Rhys You Netflix


Only an Aquarius could mingle with and befriend the upper echelons of London’s high society all while planning their demise. The fact that Rhys is an Aquarius has nothing to do with him being a murderer and everything to do with the reasoning behind his murders. Rhys is “eat the rich” personified, which is why he’s having the best time offing wealthy socialites one by one. Everyone knows Aquarius peeps are always starting revolutions and overthrowing the status quo. He does this without breaking a sweat or giving himself away, because Saturn-ruled Aquarius is the most stoic and distant zodiac sign of all.

Love Quinn You Netflix


Love more than lives up to her name, because this Pisces is addicted to love. From the moment she saw Joe, she was completely enamored, and what Pisces isn’t totally familiar with the concept of “love at first sight”? Like every Pisces, she tends to believe in the way things can be more than the way things are. Her commitment to “unconditional love” masks her very real fear of being alone, which is another feeling Pisces placements are familiar with. The fact that her radar went off the moment Joe’s eyes began to wander is also a dead giveaway that she’s a Pisces! You can’t hide anything from this psychic and intuitive water sign.

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