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9-1-1 Episode Recap: Buck Fights for Eddie’s Attention, Kisses Tommy

9-1-1 Episode Recap: Buck Fights for Eddie’s Attention, Kisses Tommy

Warning: Spoilers below for the 100th episode of 9-1-1

The Thursday, April 4, episode, titled “Buck, Bothered and Bewildered,” featured an array of homages for viewers to enjoy, from an appearance by The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei to the return of Athena’s (Angela Bassett) son, Harry (Now Elijah M. Cooper, formerly Marcanthonee Reis). It was the decision to finally delve into Buck’s (Oliver Stark) queerness, however, that left fans’ jaws on the floor.

Many viewers have been rallying for Buck and his best friend, Eddie (Ryan Guzman), to get together since season 2, when Guzman joined the series. Although both men have previously only dated women, that changed with “Buck, Bothered and Bewildered” when Buck shared a kiss with pilot Tommy Kinard (Lou Ferrigno Jr.).

Ironically, the episode majorly focused on Buck fighting for Eddie’s attention, as Eddie continued to leave Buck out of his plans with Tommy. It’s not until the episode’s last scene that it’s revealed Buck is actually attracted to Tommy, and the pair share a kiss.

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“You left with Eddie, and listen, you don’t need to tell me how great Eddie is, I’ve known that since the first day I worked with him,” Buck told Tommy. “ Of course, you want to hang out with Eddie. … But trying to get your attention has been kind of exhausting.”

Ahead of the episode, Stark sat down exclusively with Us Weekly and teased how episode 100 would be a “big sigh of relief” for Buck as he continues his journey to happiness.

“I think it’s almost a feeling of searching or uneasiness, not necessarily with Eddie, but within himself,” Stark, 32, said of his behavior in the episode. “And it’s easier sometimes to put that onto somebody else than have to do the self-reflection and self-interrogation of, ‘Hey, what am I actually feeling here?’”

He continued, “And I think that’s kind of the story that we’re able to start to tell here, is that Buck isn’t consciously aware of the thing that he’s looking for or what’s lacking in his life. And as he hopefully starts to discover that it’s this cathartic, liberating feeling of just being able to ease into it and breathe out this big sigh of relief at last.”

Keep scrolling for a full recap of 9-1-1’s 100th episode:

911 Episode 100 Recap Buck Kisses Spoiler Bachelor Joey Graziadei Makes a Cameo and More
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Buck Kisses Tommy … After Spending the Episode Fighting for Eddie’s Attention

Buck and Tommy begin the episode in bonding mode as they tour the LAFD Air Operations station. The conversation introduces the first red herring of many when Tommy questions if Buck is looking to potentially change careers. Buck, however, insists he’s just interested in helicopters and taking Tommy out for a beer, but Tommy takes a rain check in lieu of plans he already made with Eddie.

Although Buck initially tells Eddie that he understands his bond with Tommy — they have so much in common — he increasingly spirals throughout the episode, trying to find ways to get Eddie’s attention. He lifts weights without a spotter, hints at his free schedule and even ships himself a basketball to the 118 station in hopes he’ll be invited to a game.

Buck then takes his gripes to his sister, Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), where he also expresses his frustration that Eddie’s son, Christopher (Gavin McHugh), also seems to be fawning over Tommy. Maddie fails to take his frustration seriously, instead poking fun at his laser focus on Eddie and Tommy’s friendship.

Things take a turn for the worse at a pickup basketball game, which Buck shows up to with Chimney — his “basketball beard” — and Buck finds himself on the opposite team of Eddie and Tommy. As the duo score baskets and high-five in celebration, Buck’s jealousy turns to anger and he knocks Eddie down, spraining his leg.

911 Episode 100 Recap Buck Kisses Spoiler Bachelor Joey Graziadei Makes a Cameo and More
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Now, Maddie is paying attention, and she warns Buck to get his emotions in check. She also empathizes and tells a story of feeling left out when she was 14 by her two friends — because honestly, becoming the third wheel is a total drag.

But that isn’t the story here, as viewers find out in the final scene of the episode when Tommy shows up at Buck’s apartment to apologize for taking up so much of Eddie’s attention. As the conversation continues, Buck confesses that he was actually trying to spend time with Tommy, not Eddie, and the pair share a spontaneous kiss.

When Tommy asks if the kiss is “OK,” Buck confirms it is, and the two plan a date. Buck has yet to patch things up with Eddie, though, and if you ask Us, there’s more story to be told before things get sorted out between the two best friends for good.

Harry Makes His Return

Elsewhere in the episode, Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena are awoken by the smell of waffles, giving them the heads up that Athena’s son, Harry (Marcanthonee Reis), has returned for a visit — and has apparently undergone a major growth spurt.

The twosome quickly realize, however, that Harry isn’t just home to say hello. Bobby discovers that Harry ran away from his dad Michael’s (Rockmond Dunbar) house because there is a warrant out for his arrest after he allegedly got into a fight and assaulted someone at a convenience store.

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When Athena confronts her son about the charges, Harry claims he got accused of stealing and was being followed, so he had to defend himself. He accuses Athena of taking “the law’s” side, the two get into a heated debate.

“You are also my mom, which one is more important?“ Harry asks before storming away.

Athena later gets security footage from the incident and plays it back for Harry, who realizes things may not have unfolded the way he initially thought. Law enforcement eventually agrees to let him go but declares that he must stay in L.A. and live with Bobby and Athena full-time.

911 Episode 100 Recap Buck Kisses Spoiler Bachelor Joey Graziadei Makes a Cameo and More
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Bachelor Joey Makes His Acting Debut

9-1-1 uses its new ABC home to its advantage for a fun crossover event with Bachelor Nation. In the first 10 minutes of the episode, the 118 are called to the famous Bachelor mansion to help save a woman who has superglued herself to the driveway in hopes of winning Joey’s heart.

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The episode playfully pokes fun at the Bachelor franchise in a few different ways during the distress call, including references to Joey’s career as a tennis pro, commonly uttered phrases by contestants — “I’m here for the right reasons!” — and a soft moment where Joey, a fan favorite among real Bachelor viewers, romantically wipes tears off the glued woman’s face.

Buck and Eddie also get hit on by the women at the mansion, although both men turn down the advances, while Chim is busy calling Maddie to squeal over finding out who “the next Bachelor” will be. (In real life, Joey’s Bachelor journey wrapped up last month when he proposed to Kelsey Anderson).