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Helping Teachers Embrace Change through Technology

Helping Teachers Embrace Change through Technology

Unbox Innovation - Episode 6 - 2pics

Integrating new digital tools in education can be daunting, leading teachers to hesitate in fully and consistently implementing them. How can educators bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and digital tools, ensuring a smooth and impactful integration that empowers students to learn effectively? 

In the latest episode of Unbox Innovation, host Amy Chodroff chats with Farah Ihsan and Emily Turk – Boxlight Educational Consultants – about how to successfully navigate the digital transformation in education. Their thought-provoking discussion delves into:  

  • Evolution of classroom environments with technology.  
  • Strategies for educators to adapt to new tech tools. 
  • Influence of technology in boosting student engagement and creativity in the post-pandemic era. 

Farah shares her unique teaching experiences before and after the pandemic, highlighting the rapid integration of technology in classrooms. She also comments on the need for adapting to changes – 

“Every school is different…(we) have to meet them where they’re at. We have a variety of products and a wealth of knowledge, but it’s not going to be appropriate to provide that at every school we visit. We … have to help them adapt to their changes, (and we) have to adapt the way that we help them as well.” 

Emily contributes her insights on what she sees as learning environments of the future – 

“I think the future classroom is going to be designed by students, led by students, and the resources in the classroom … how they interact with people outside of the classroom …they are the ones that are in charge of their learning and directing their learning. And a teacher is there to facilitate and guide how they do that with the resources they have.” 

In this Unbox Innovation episode, Amy, Farah, and Emily delved into the dynamic landscape of educational technology. From adapting to diverse school needs to envisioning student-led learning, they discussed the evolving role of technology in shaping the future classroom. Watch the full episode here: