Home Entertainment Lokesh’s Sankharavam Meet Utter Flop: Avanti

Lokesh’s Sankharavam Meet Utter Flop: Avanti

Lokesh’s Sankharavam Meet Utter Flop: Avanti

Visakhapatnam: Former minister Mutthamshetty Srinivasa Rao alias Avanti Srinivasa has said that Lokesh’s Sankharavam sabha is an utter flop. Lokesh is reading somebody else’s script due to which the response to the Lokesh meetings is zero, he added.

Avanti opined that Lokesh was doing derogatory politics. He said, “If Lokesh proves what he said in Bheemili that I have grabbed two thousand acres of land there, I will hand over the land to him.”

Avanti challenged Lokesh to contest from Bhimili, and accused TD of land grabs in Visakhapatnam. Avanti said Lokesh was in a situation where he did not realise that the land grabbing during Chandrababu’s tenure made TD sit in opposition. Avanti challenged TD by saying, “If TD has guts, it should prove where YSRC leaders and activists are grabbing land.

Avanti demanded that the TD chief should explain to the public why Junior NTR was kept away from TD and why Pawan was brought in. Avanti stated that Lokesh had the wrong book, but not a red book.