Home Celebrity The Bachelor Finale: Joey and Kelsey on the ‘Bachelorette’ Shocker and the Truth Behind That Car Ride

The Bachelor Finale: Joey and Kelsey on the ‘Bachelorette’ Shocker and the Truth Behind That Car Ride

The Bachelor Finale: Joey and Kelsey on the ‘Bachelorette’ Shocker and the Truth Behind That Car Ride

Once you finish all your press obligations this week, what does your first weekend together, in public, look like? Are you both getting on a flight to New Orleans?

Kelsey: Yeah, so we’re running around doing press right now and then we’re going to stop in Philly, grab some of Joey’s things, and then head to New Orleans. This weekend I’m doing a 10K for a charity run in New Orleans. Then the next couple weekends we are going to be so busy with weddings and events to go to, so I’m excited to introduce him to all my friends and meet all his as well.

Speaking of weddings, everyone wants to know what your wedding timeline might look like, but you’re just getting used to being in public together. Is that frustrating to keep answering that question?

Joey: No, I think we’re both really excited about the idea of it. We wouldn’t have gotten to this point of an engagement if we’re not looking forward to and thinking about our wedding. We both have talked through our timelines and are very much aware that we’re not going to rush this. We want a long engagement, we want to enjoy this process, and I think one of the best parts of a long engagement is you also get a lot of time to plan a wedding. So we’re going to start having those conversations, we”re going to enjoy this whole process, and we’ll get to that point when it’s time.

Would you consider a televised wedding like Gerry and Theresa?

Joey: If you asked me that a year ago I’d be like, “What do you mean a televised wedding?” So I don’t think anyone thinks about that moment. That’s something that we can talk about later on, and if people want to see it, we’ll talk through it. But yeah, no one really thinks about having a televised wedding until apparently you go on a TV show.

You both have gotten to know the Golden Bachelor ladies very well, and I know you are fond of all of them. But is there one lady that you personally would love to see in that lead role on The Golden Bachelorette?

Kelsey: I really love Leslie, and I got to know her really well [when she came to talk to me before the overnight dates], so I think that she would do great in that role.

Joey: I’m going to plead the fifth. I can’t do that.

What if you give me your top three?

Joey: Okay, I can do that. I agree with Kelsey that Leslie is amazing. I think everyone has fully fallen in love with Susan too. Her personality is just everything. I love her so much. And let’s also say…I’ll throw a wild card in there like Joan, because I think that she has a really beautiful story too.

From row, from left: Sandra, Faith, Joan, Ellen. Back row: April, Susan, Kathy, Nancy

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